"Is That Wrestling Fake?"


Direct from Crowbar Press, Ivan's book is now available here for the first time.


For the  first time, Ivan tells the story of his life: the highs and the lows; his admission of alcohol and drug abuse; reflections of a life spent on the road, and the toll it took on his body and soul; and  the event in Kannapolis, North Carolina, that forever changed his life .


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USSR Flag like the one used by Ivan in the ring!


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The Very Best of Ivan Koloff

Wrestling DVD


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Ivan Koloff

Documentary DVD

Disc 1 Listing:
Early Years
Red McNulty
Becoming Ivan
WWWF Champion
Bouncing Around
Nikita's Turn
Ivan's Legacy

Disc 2 contains bonus matches, stories, and special features.

Ivan Koloff: The Russian Bear takes a look back at one of wrestling’s most hated villains over the last several decades. Learn about Ivan from his Canadian roots to how he became the Russian Bear we all know to this day. Ivan is respected worldwide for his contributions to the wrestling business.


Nothing in this documentary is left out as Ivan discusses his start in the wrestling business, being Red McNulty, becoming a hated Russian, and talks about the highs and lows his life had before becoming a born again Christian thanks to his nephew Nikita. Ivan reflects on what it meant to be at the top of the wrestling world by defeating Bruno Sammartino and being on top in every territory he went, to the pitfalls of drugs and the fast life outside the ring.

Ivan’s story is one of redemption and faith as he will tell you, “This wrestling isn’t fake.” Ivan has given his heart, soul, and body to the fans of professional wrestling. Now Ivan gives you the real story behind his life in an out of the ring

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